Good News for Buyers: Home Values Are on the Rise

  • July 9, 2024
Home Values on the Rise

Home values went up 8% in 2023! This increase gives reassurance to buyers who wish to invest in the real estate market. With interest rates averaging around 7%, the rate of appreciation continues to outpace interest rates, making it a great time to purchase a home.


Most people long for the American dream of purchasing a home. The excitement that comes from cutting grass in your own yard, painting rooms any color you desire, and having friends and family over for dinner. These simple things portrayed on television are the heart of why this news is so exciting.


Whatever situation you fall into- whether you are looking for more rooms for your growing family, or if you are looking to downsize, buying is a great choice for building wealth.


Benefits for Homeowners:

  • Increased equity
  • Selling homes can potentially yield a significant profit
  • Rising values signify good returns when looking at your home as an investment


Are you unsure of initial buying steps? We can help. Our agents are highly skilled and have a wealth of knowledge on the Charlotte-Metro market. They understand the significance of buying or selling a home, and are by your side throughout the entire process.


As the market continues to evolve, we stress the importance of staying informed and understanding how these changes could affect you. With home values currently at 8%, rest assured that the future is bright for those looking to make a move in 2024.

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