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We all know there is no shortage of Realtors in the Carolinas market. But here’s why we think you’ll benefit from working with us.

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First and foremost, learning what you’re looking for takes communication, and effectively doing that takes time. We’re willing to put in that time — both by asking the right questions and listening to your answers — to curate a list of properties that have serious potential for you. The more you let us know what lights you up about a property (and what doesn’t), the closer we can come to finding the one you want to call home.



Building on that idea, we want to communicate with you in the style that fits you best. Fancy a phone call? You’ll have our direct line. Like to keep it direct via email or text? We promise to respond in a timely manner. Or even if you want to share a mood board of what kind of house styles or areas you like, we’re here for it. We have years of experience translating client needs and wants into actionable items on our to-do lists. And as a Top 10 RE/MAX team, our results speak for themselves.

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Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of formal paperwork in any real estate transaction, and whether you’ve been through the process 20 times or two, no two times are exactly the same. We spend a lot of time training on the best practices and keeping up with the latest industry knowledge so we can provide you non-judgmental support and the ability to make informed decisions through every step. Oh, and maybe the space to get excited about what you’re buying instead of only seeing the stress of the process!



The Premier Team is a diverse group of professionals who all have areas of excellence. With our collaborative approach to service, if we don’t know the answer, then chances are, someone on our Team does. And if not, then we go looking for new perspectives. Working with our clients closely gives us the opportunity to be constantly learning, and you benefit from those years of experience — not just from your personal agent, but from the Team. We are your resource before, during, and after closing to help you relax and welcome you home.

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Your search might be for an extraordinary property, and those one-of-a-kind purchases involve a special consideration of personalized service. We call that our White Glove Service, and it brings with it an even more exceptional level of service.

Active Adult Living

You’re thriving, and resort-style communities with plenty to keep you occupied are thriving too in the Carolinas. Designed for adults 55 and over, Active Adult Living Communities are for those who embrace the stage they’re in and are ready to enjoy more of the good things life has to offer, from rolling greens on golf courses to convenient access to 5G internet and classes that can help you shine on the dance floor.

Not all Active Adult Living Communities are the same, and we specialize in the ones that bring a vibrancy to your life and the larger region. Click here to get started or to learn how we’ve already helped countless clients find the place to celebrate their next chapter.