Luxury Home Features

  • April 17, 2021
  • Karl Kennedy
Luxury Home Features

Charlotte’s Best Luxury Home Features

Charlotte’s best luxury homes wouldn’t be luxury homes if they didn’t contain features with the power to change everyday life into something extra special, something well beyond just the basic necessities. These features should go beyond just construction materials and finishes. What is considered luxury is always a moving target and not determined only by price, square footage, and a prime location.

Chef’s Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. A chef’s kitchen should be not only beautiful, but ultra functional. Work surfaces with multiple wash stations and plenty of prep space, a chef-quality 6 or more burner gas stove with grilling grates, a double oven, and side-by-side double or triple door refrigerator. Additional features may include a beverage cooler, a warmer oven, and of course a microwave.

Smart Home Automation

Today it’s longer suitable to just have a video doorbell and the ability to turn lights on and off to be considered “smart”. Smart home technology now controls thermostats for individual living areas. You should be able to control access to your garage door and your security system. Certain appliances like ovens and coffeemakers can be integrated into the system to be controlled by a central hub or a Smartphone.

Media Room

A home theater is nice but having a true media room goes beyond just a projector and a large screen. A media room performs the function of a gathering place for family and friends where they can enjoy streaming TV, watch movies, sporting events, and enjoy video gaming. A media room will also control music and sound in the media room but it can also be used to direct sound into several other rooms in the home. A media room it will contain comfortable seating, not just reclining theater seats with built-in cup holders.

Spa-like Bathrooms

To be spa-like, a bathroom should include a stylish, free-standing soaker tub, a walk-in shower, possibly a steam shower, luxury plumbing fixtures, and possibly a towel warmer. The shower should have multiple shower heads, digital water temperature controls, and of course, multiple body sprays. It should contain beautiful light fixtures, recessed lighting, and dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lighting to fit your mood. A spa-like bathroom should have a small stool or comfortable chair for relaxing or doing grooming after your bathing experience.

State-of-the-Art Personal Gym

When it comes to an ideal home gym, top of the line exercise equipment is required. What you used to find in the exercise rooms at high-class hotels can now be found in a luxury home fitness gym. Equipment can include treadmills, cross trainers, weight machines, and an area for yoga. Going one step further, the ultimate personal gym may also include a plunge pool or sauna.

When people think “luxury”, they often define what luxury means by factoring in the following items: quality of the build and elegant finishing touches, the property’s location in terms of convenience to shopping dining and work, whether or not there is adequate privacy, and they expect breath taking scenery. But it can also be more personal than those factors alone. A truly luxurious home must also include one or more of the above features. Features like these can really set the home apart from the competition.


What is your favorite luxury home feature?

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