Why You Need The Premier Team for New Construction

  • January 5, 2021
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Why You Need The Premier Team For New Construction

It’s All About the Price: As a general rule, new construction pricing is not negotiable. However, your Premier Team Agent can recognize when there are opportunities to reduce the price or ask for upgrades and incentives … and how to go about doing it.

Professional Relationships: Your Premier Team Agent has an established relationship with your builder. Because of this, the builder will be on their “best behavior” as they do not want to run the risk of getting a bad reputation in the Realtor community.

Your Eyes and Ears: From understanding the details of your contract, to overseeing upgrades, structural changes, pricing, etc. your Premier Team Agent will ensure that the construction process goes as smoothly as possible. Mistakes do happen and you need someone to stay on top of the process for you.

When Something Goes Wrong: This happens a lot more often during the building process than you would think. Buyers often do not realize their options to force the builder to make corrective measures. There are many legal protections offered to buyers, but a builder’s representative usually will not disclose them. Additionally, our in-house attorney is a valuable resource to have on your side.

Home Inspection: Most people who buy new construction do not get a home inspection from an independent source since the new home generally comes with warranties. However, many problems won’t surface until well after the warranties expire. It is next to impossible for a builder to check every part of the job their subcontractors have completed and they may or may not make needed repairs. Your Premier Team Agent can advise you on various inspections from structural to mechanical to radon testing, can facilitate the process, and help you understand the results.

The Bottom Line: Many people have the misconception that a buyer without representation can get a better price because the builder does not have to pay commissions. That is simply false. Agent commissions are built into their marketing budget, and if a buyer does not have a Realtor, the money simply turns into more profit for them. Builders want to keep the prices as consistent as possible to keep the value of the neighborhood intact, as well as improve their ability to regularly raise base prices, often done monthly.

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