The Premier Team Gives Back to Charlotte Community

  • February 6, 2024
Children's Miracle Network Donation from The Premier Team

The Premier Team Donates $10,000 To Levine Children’s Hospital

Charlotte, NC – The Premier Team celebrates as they presented a check of $10,000 to Children’s Miracle Network through Levine Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, February 6th.

The Premier Team is named a Miracle Team through Children’s Miracle Network, where money is donated through home closings. This fundraiser was also open to our community, where they received 580 dollars in donations. Giving back to the local community is a huge priority for the Team, as one of their Core Values states ‘Do unto Others,’ a mantra they endeavor to put into action.

Levine Children’s Hospital has groundbreaking technology and supports research for diseases, making them a huge asset to the Carolinas community and beyond. The Premier Team knows that every dollar donated to this facility will be used wisely.

“It’s the money donated, but it is also us making our mark in our local community,” says Courtney Scott, Senior Vice President of The Premier Team. “Levine Children’s Hospital is a great facility and one of which our community can be proud. It was wonderful to meet several officials with the hospital, especially Sprout, the cutest volunteer pup around!”

Children’s Miracle Network has a long-standing relationship with RE/MAX International, and The Premier Team looks forward to continuing working with them in 2024, raising even more money and establishing even more community involvement.

Children’s Miracle Network through Levine Children’s Hospital helps children in our community get the care they need. We’ve decided to extend our fundraiser through 2024 to continue our dedication to this incredible organization. If you feel inclined, please click the link below to donate!


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